INGREDIENTS 239Kcal / portion

  • Homemade bread 8 slices
  • Basil 8 leaves
  • Extra virgin olive oil q.b.
  • Fine salt q.b.
  • Copper Tomatoes mature 500 g
  • Origan q.b.
  • Black Pepper q.b.


To prepare the tomato bruschetta, first wash the tomatoes, divide them in half 1 and then cut them into cubes 2. Pour the tomatoes into a bowl and add the basil leaves, previously washed and dried 3.

Season with a pinch of oregano 4, salt 5, pepper and oil 6. Mix well and leave to flavor for about 30 minutes. Rest is optional, but we recommend it because aromas and flavors blend together.

In the meantime, cut the bread into slices 7. After the standing time has elapsed, heat a grill well and lay the slices of bread on top 8. Grill them on both sides until they are toasted 9.

At this point, distribute the tomato salad on the slices of bread 10, season with a drizzle of oil 11 and let it rest for a couple of minutes, then serve your tomato bruschetta 12!


It is preferable to consume the tomato bruschetta immediately.


You can flavor the bread by rubbing a clove of garlic on the freshly grilled slices or enrich the tomato salad with well-drained tuna in oil!